Youth Volunteer Program

The Youth Volunteer Program engages youth between the ages of 11-18 to donate volunteer hours to serve for not-for-profit organizations in many practical and useful ways. This program builds active and responsible citizenship and many of the young people contribute hundreds of hours in a year to assist these not-for-profit groups around the city. Youth work for minimum of 10 hours over the course of the summer under the supervision of team leaders.

Volunteering is a great way for youth to get involved in their community, meet new people and make a difference in the lives of others. Youth get a chance to:

  • do volunteer service around Saskatoon that is challenging, rewarding and educational
  • develop important job-related skills
  • develop leadership potential
  • meet other kids and have fun

Declaration Program

Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon Declarations are signed by government agencies, businesses and community organizations. The declarations are displayed publicly to express each group's intentions to promote the well being of children and youth within their sphere of care. Organizations are encouraged to evaluate themselves for child and youth friendliness, and to commit to a new child and youth friendly initiative.

Recognizing the equal and inalienable right of all people to the fundamental rights of freedom, justice and peace, and that:

  • everyone is entitled to these rights, regardless of age, race, colour, creed or other status
  • young people are entitled to special care and assistance in assuming their rightful place in society
  • all people should be responsible owners of their community, and share responsibility for the well-being of children and youth in their community

and, recognizing that;

  • a child and youth friendly community is one in which all young people are safe, secure, nurtured, honoured and valued
  • all young people can contribute and the significance of their contribution will be recognized
  • all young people need opportunities to develop a sense of responsibility and ownership over their actions

Children's Champion Award

Please join us to honour our 2017 Children’s Champion, Johnny Marciniuk.

Johnny has worked for Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools since 1985 as a teacher, consultant and coordinator always going above and beyond his job description. Johnny is also involved with the Kinsmen Football League as the director and as executive member and is also an executive member of Saskatoon Football Inc. Johnny is a founding member of the Friends of the Bowl/Saskatoon Minor Football Field raising funds for the revitalization of Gordon Howe Park. Add to all of that his volunteer work at events too numerous to mention here.

We hope you will join us in honouring Johnny.

Former recipients of the Children's Champion Award include:

  • Bob Pringle
  • Mike McDonald
  • Dr. Erica Bird
  • Dr. Maryam Mehtar & St. Mary's Pediatric Clinic
  • George Rathwell & Bev Hanson
  • Phoebe Voigts
  • Diane Selby
  • Brenda Baker
  • Lynda McLean-Woodward
  • Sue Delanoy
  • Deborah Parker-Loewen