The Children's Champion Award was established in 2006 to recognize individuals and organizations who work passionately on behalf of children in order to help elevate their welfare to the highest priority in our community.

2019 Children's Champion

Starting over a decade ago, Robin Butler began a program called Ski HiPer, providing opportunities for kids and teenagers to train and gain experience in the sport of cross-country ski racing right here in Saskatoon. Starting as a very small program of only a few kids Ski HiPer has flourished over the years.

In addition to running Ski HiPer, Robin has also reached out by volunteering his time at the Saskatchewan Winter Games. For 4 consecutive Winter Games, Robin has participated as a volunteer head coach for Team Saskatoon (a team consisting of skiers aged 9-15), as well as a volunteer in the actual organization of the cross-country skiing stadium and administrivia leading up to, as well as during the games themselves.

Overall, Robin’s passion for cross-country skiing and amateur-level coaching has taken him and his organization to great places. Child & Youth Friendly Saskatoon is proud to recognize Robin’s contributions to our community.

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